Caelan Conversations, Part 7


Caelan holds up a broken crayon…

CAELAN: It’s broken.

SARAH: That’s okay, I’ll fix it in a minute.

CAELAN: I will fix it. [marches away] I will get my screwdriver.

Later in the day, he comes back to find that I’ve fixed the crayon with tape.

CAELAN: Why’d you put a band aid on it, Mommy?


Leah babbles away…

SARAH: What’s she saying?

CAELAN: Gloo glab!

SARAH: Gloo glab? What does that mean?

CAELAN: It means “I love Caelan”!


CAELAN: Daddy, can I push your buttons?

BILL: You do everyday buddy.


I walked into Caelan’s room holding Leah…

CAELAN [pointing to Leah]: Mine.

SARAH: What?

CAELAN: That’s my sister!


Me, commenting on Caelan’s crankiness…

SARAH: Someone needs a nap.

BILL: Yep.



CAELAN: It’s Lightning McQueen’s birthday!

BILL: It is?! How old is he?

CAELAN: Um, he’s 2.

BILL: What kind of birthday cake should we get him?

CAELAN: Um, how ’bout purple?

BILL: That sounds good!


Caelan, enunciating…

CAELAN: I far-ted, Mom-my. It was a accident.

SARAH: You farted by accident?

CAELAN: Yes, probably.


CAELAN: I found Charlie Brown!

SARAH: You did?! Does Charlie Brown have a dog?

CAELAN: Yes. Snoofee.

BILL: Snoopy?

CAELAN: No, it’s Snoofee!


CAELAN: Is Daddy outside?

SARAH: No, Daddy’s at work.

CAELAN: He’s not outside?

SARAH: No, he’s at work.

CAELAN: But that makes me sad!


The message on our TV about our satellite dish says “signal loss”…

CAELAN: Oh come on! That didn’t happen!


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