Caelan Conversations, Part 8

January 20, 2014


Caelan picks up a catalog that came in the mail.

CAELAN: Is it a magazine?

SARAH: It’s a special kind of magazine called a catalog.

CAELAN: A catalog? No, it’s not a catalog, it’s a DVD.

SARAH: It’s not a DVD!

CAELAN: It’s ridiculous!


I scooped up Caelan in a hug and he said this. I know he had no idea what he was saying, but it was still sweet.

CAELAN: Thanks for the life.

You’re welcome, monkey.


I’m cooking dinner in the kitchen and Caelan walks in and stops in the doorway.

CAELAN: So….What’s going on here?


At what age do kids start using 42 word sentences? Which milestone is that??

CAELAN: We’re going to go to Grandma and Pop’s tomorrow and make cookies and make a birdie with grilled cheese on it and there’s going to be a pumpkin with candy and I’m going to eat it and it’s going to be fun.


SARAH: Mallory and Lucy are coming over today.

CAELAN: Lucy’s a whore house.

SARAH: What?!?

CAELAN: Lucy’s a whore house.

SARAH: What are you saying?? [pausing to try to figure this out] Oh! Lucy’s AT HER house. Yes, yes she is.


Caelan is singing Pat A Cake.

CAELAN: Roll it and pat it and mark it with a “C”. Put it in the oven WITH Caelan and me.


Caelan, Leah, and I are in the car stopped at a red light.

CAELAN: You know why we’re stopped, Leah? You see that red light? That means we stop!


Caelan is crying as I put in him the car to go home after we had lunch at Chik Fil A.

SARAH: It’s going to be nap time when we get home.

CAELAN [sobbing]: Noooo! I want to go to Target!!