Leah Caroline: Months 3-6

February 5, 2014

Our tiny baby girl is somehow now a full blown giggly, wiggly, CHATTY little one! Not sure how she is 6 months old already, but they say time flies, or something like that!

Leah learned to roll over (front to back) at about 3.5 months old. Just 1 week later and she was rolling back to front also. I had been a little worried that we weren’t giving her enough tummy time and she’d be late to learn to roll, but clearly I was wrong! Leah spent most of her awake time at home in her bouncy seat, which she loved up until she managed to sit up and fall out of it (while buckled in). Now she’d graduated to the Bumbo and the Jumperoo. Sometimes we will lay her on a blanket on the floor, but she’s not content there for very long and she’s also in danger of being trampled by Caelan when she’s on the floor. Hopefully in the next few months we will try to get her some more floor time since she’s going to need to learn to crawl!!


Jake is supervising tummy time

When she is down on the floor, she immediately flips onto her tummy and starts her wiggling and kicking (her version of “flying” or “swimming”). She’ll also roll her way across the room. It’s tricky because now she’s “mobile” before she’s actually crawling. Caelan never rolled as a means of travel, so this is new for us! Actually, just within the past couple of days I’ve seen her get up on her hands and knees and start rocking…We’re in trouble!


Rolling her way around

We started putting Leah down on her tummy for sleeping when she was about 4 months old just because it was so much easier. She was waking herself up trying to roll onto her tummy herself, so we just saved her the trouble. Around this time, we also stopped swaddling her. I was worried about that transition, but it was a non-event. We had to be a little more careful putting her down so she wouldn’t flail around and wake herself up, but it was really an easy transition, thankfully.


Time to unswaddle!

I was all braced and ready for a major sleep regression these past few months, but it didn’t happen. Could we have hit the baby sleep lottery twice?? Maybe, but it’s too soon to say. She’s still wildly inconsistent, but she sleeps through the night 8-9 hours a few times a week. Usually when she does wake up at night, if we go in and rub her back, she’ll fall back asleep. Occasionally, we end up rocking her for a bit. We decided we’d try to wait until she was 6 months old to start sleep training, unless things got really bad before then. For awhile, things were…”medium”…but the past few days have been rough. She was sleeping in 45 minute stretches, waking up constantly, and I resorted to holding her and sleeping with her in our bed or on the couch. In fairness, she has a cold, so I’m sure that’s not helping her sleep. As soon as that clears up, sleep training is on!


Sleeping on our bed at 6am

At Thanksgiving this year, Leah showed the first signs of separation anxiety. I handed her over to my mom and left the room. Two minutes later she was hysterical! We tried handing her off to several other people as well, but she wasn’t having it. She refused to be held by anyone other than Bill or me all evening. We were kind of shocked since she’d never had any problem with that before.


Sleeping on Thanksgiving

At Christmas, we were more careful with handing her over so as not to overwhelm her and she did great! She was happy to be held by everyone. She and Caelan spent almost 2 weeks around the holidays alternating between their grandparents’ houses while daycare was closed. Leah did great. She even had her first sleepover with Grandma and Pop on New Years Eve and it went perfectly! I was worried that she might not sleep through the night but she did! She even slept longer and later than she ever had before. Looks like we’ve got another go-with-the-flow kid on our hands – for now anyway 🙂



We’ve also got a HAPPY kid on our hands! Leah is such a smiley, squirmy, happy baby! Of course she has her fussy moments (like when she needs to sleep) and her witching hour (8-9pm) but in general she is a very content and happy baby.


Excited for the Broncos game!

She LOVES Caelan. Her face just lights up when he comes into her room in the morning. If she’s crying, Caelan will try to comfort her by kneeling next to her and saying “It’s okay, Leah” and often that will calm her down.


Loves her big brother

We meant to get out the highchair and start Leah on some cereal when she turned 5 months old but that didn’t quite happen. Second child syndrome I guess! I finally got it out about 2 weeks ago and we tried her on some rice cereal. She wasn’t a fan at first, but she caught on quickly. The whole “baby’s first feeding” was different this time around. Instead of a big weekend production, it was squeezed in after dinner on a Thursday night, while Caelan whined in the next room. Poor second babies!! But we did get some pictures and some video 🙂


Cereal time!

Leah is definitely teething! The drool and the chewing on her hands is out of control. Her first tooth poked through 2 weekends ago! She was a little fussier than usual, but it could have been worse. Leah’s also lost pretty much all of her newborn hair and her “real” hair has started to come in. It looks like it’s coming in blonde, but it’s too soon to tell for sure. Her eyes are still blue. I could have sworn they weren’t going to stay blue, but so far they have!


She has hair!

We’ve been fairly lucky so far on the illness front (current cold notwithstanding). Leah had a bad cold around Christmastime and a few others here and there, but nothing serious (fingers crossed!!!). I’m sure it’s coming though. With both Leah and Caelan in daycare, it’s inevitable.

So how are things going with the whole we-have-2-kids thing? I honestly still think it’s going okay. Bill and I have been stressed and tired with Leah’s recent sleep issues, but that’s not a 2-kids-thing. To be honest, when we’re rocking Leah to sleep and she’s screaming and thrashing and she just.won’t.settle, I think to myself that at least we’re lucky that Caelan is such a heavy sleeper and isn’t woken by her antics! Occasions where both kids are crying, up at night, and/or needing something at the same time are rare, but they do happen. Those times are tricky and stressful and the ability to tune out crying is necessary, but like I said, those times are rare. For the most part, Leah is a really easy-going baby and she spends a lot of time “observing” from her bouncy chair or her high chair while Caelan demands a lot of our attention. Leah gets less attention from us than Caelan got from us at the same age, but I think that’s unavoidable with a second child. She also gets less anxious parents who have “been there, done that” so maybe it’s a trade off!

Bill and Leah spend sometime together on the weekends when Caelan and I are grocery shopping. And after Caelan is in bed for the night, we get a little bit of time with Leah before she’s in bed too. The goal is to move her bedtime up so that we’re putting her down at the same time or right after Caelan is down but we’ll see how things go. I do miss having that time in the evening when kids are bed so that Bill and I can get chores done, relax, and actually talk to each other.

My favorite time with Leah is early in the morning on the weekends. The house is quiet and she will either have a bottle and then take a nap in the living room, or she’ll be happy to keep me company while I have my coffee. I like that quiet time, even at 6am, before the hustle and bustle that is Caelan comes down to join us 🙂 It’s nice that we can carve out a little bit of one-on-one time.

So up next is the 6-9 month stage and if our experience with Caelan is any indication, it’s going to be an adventure! Scooting, crawling, standing, and cruising are all coming before we know it!!


Caelan and Leah at 6 months old

Happy 0.5 Years, Leah Bug! Don’t think I haven’t already started to think about your 1st birthday party 😛


6 Months Old

Leah’s 6 Month Stats

  • Wearing mostly 6 month clothes but can fit into a few 9 month things
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Weight:  16 lbs  9 ozs
  • Length:  25 3/4 inches
  • Usually takes about 6 bottles a day, each about 6 ozs (though sometimes she will take as much as 8 oz or as little as 3oz)
  • She eats her “dinner” of rice cereal or oatmeal
  • Loves her butterfly rattle, her ladybug toy, the jumperoo, chewing on anything she can get her hands on, rolling away during diaper changes, “singing” at the top of her lungs, and Mommy’s Wicked Witch of the West laugh