Caelan Conversations, Part 9


Despite the “terrible 2’s” and upcoming “shoot me in the face 3’s”, we’ll keep Caelan around because of stuff like this!


Caelan finds a pair of ear muffs

CAELAN: What are these?

BILL: Ear muffs.

CAELAN: My muff?

BILL: No, EAR muffs.

A few days later…

BILL: What are these?

CAELAN: Muffins.


Bill is laying on the couch…

CAELAN: Do you want me to stay a few minutes?

BILL: Yes, please.

Caelan kneels next to Bill and strokes his hair like we do when we put Caelan to bed after he asks us to “stay a few minutes”


CAELAN: Next time we’ll go to the zoo. And probably there will be a lion there. A big one. And a rooster. And a kitty cat.


CAELAN: I want a special treat! I want an egg and a newspaper and a foot!


BILL: I have a headache.

CAELAN: A headache?

BILL: My head hurts.

CAELAN: Where does it hurt Daddy?

BILL [pointing to his head]: Right here.

Caelan kisses Bill’s forehead.

CAELAN: Is it better now?

BILL: No, it still hurts.

Caelan kisses Bill’s forehead again.

CAELAN: Now is it better?

BILL: Yes, it’s better.


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