Caelan Conversations, Part 11


CAELAN: How many is Pop?

SARAH: How old is he? Um, let me think…He’s 71.

CAELAN: Okay then he gets a sticker cause he’s 21.

SARAH: He’s 71.

CAELAN: 71? He gets a sticker.


CAELAN: I have a boo boo.

SARAH: Where?

CAELAN: [points to a freckle on his arm]

SARAH: That’s not a boo boo, that’s a freckle!

CAELAN: I have a freckle?! Who put a freckle there?!


CAELAN: [hands me a plastic egg] Don’t open it, Mommy. The Grinch is in there.

SARAH: The Grinch?! You’re mixing holidays, but okay.

CAELAN: [singing] The Grinch is in there, the Grinch is in there!


SARAH: Don’t jump on me, Caelan. You can sit on me, but no more jumping.

CAELAN: Yes I can jump, Mommy. It’s my job.


As we are driving one day, Caelan spots some horses…

CAELAN: I see a elephant!! NO, I SEE A CHEETAH!!


CAELAN: [singing to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus] Can I have more milk, can I have more milk, all through the town!
SARAH: What do you say?

CAELAN: Please, all through the town!


Caelan wants to sit on my back.

CAELAN: One more time?


CAELAN: How’ bout…10 more times?


Caelan is playing with his trains and they fall off the track. He gets down eye to eye with them…


Then Thomas did the same thing and got put in timeout.


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