Caelan Conversations, Part 12


Caelan has built a train track on the floor and Leah-zilla grabs it.

CAELAN [to Leah, grabbing the track]: You. Are. Devious.


SARAH: Caelan, what’s your favorite word?

CAELAN: “Dang it”


Leah is trying to bite my knee.

CAELAN: Dang it, Leah! Mommy is not food!


SARAH: Caelan, do you have water days at school?

CAELAN: Um…sandwich.

SARAH: ???????


Caelan throws a stack of blank envelopes on the floor.

SARAH: Caelan! Pick those up!

CAELAN: No, I want to make a huge mess!


CAELAN: Daddy, I have an idea. I’m gonna flick you.

BILL: You’ll get a timeout then.

CAELAN: Okay, I won’t. I don’t want a time out.

SARAH: Good decision!

(Sigh. If only he made such sound behavior decisions all the time!!)


CAELAN [singing]: Old McDonald had a farm, ei ei o! And on that farm he had a Count, ei ei o! With a “ah ah” here and a “ah ah” there, here an “ah” there an “ah” everywhere an “ah ah”. Old McDonald had a Count, ei ei o!


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