Caelan Conversations, Part 15

January 8, 2015


CAELAN: Sometimes it’s hard to get some quiet time.

SARAH: Tell me about it.


CAELAN [pointing to his hair]: If I tell Leah this is my nose, then Jack and Jill won’t be Daddy’s best friend.

SARAH: ………. ?


CAELAN: I am just going to protect you with my fire, Captain Hook!

SARAH: ………. ?


SARAH: What do blue and yellow make?

CAELAN: Green.

SARAH: And what do green and yellow make?

CAELAN: ……Packers!

We may have told him green + yellow = Packers, blue + orange = Broncos… 😉


CAELAN: Mommy’s a taco, Daddy’s a taco, Leah’s a taco, and I’m a superhero!


CAELAN [sitting down on the potty]: It’s cold!!

SARAH: I know, just go ahead.

CAELAN: But Mommy, the toilet seat is cold! Was it in the freezer?


In the car…

CAELAN: Daddy, what are you doing?

BILL: I’m driving.

CAELAN: Mommy, are you passenging?

SARAH: Yep, what are you doing?

CAELAN: I’m back driving!

SARAH: Back seat driving?

CAELAN: No, back driving! [pretends to crazily turn a steering wheel]


SARAH: Caelan, what’s on your new socks?

CAELAN: Green Lantern. He has a ring with magical powers.

SARAH: That’s right.

CAELAN: But Mommy, what does Green Lantern DO?

SARAH: Um……[Googles to brush up on my Green Lantern trivia! Turns out it was the typical “fights crime”]


After watching Rudolph, Caelan is afraid of the Abominable Snowman only “abominable” is pretty hard to say…

BILL: Who are you afraid of?

CAELAN: The Baltimore Snowman!!