Caelan Conversations, Part 16


CAELAN: You packed me an eyeball for lunch.

SARAH: I did not! You’re so random.

CAELAN: No YOU’RE random! Your name is Random.


Caelan is arranging his chair and Leah’s with a blanket over top…

SARAH: Are you making a fort?

CAELAN: No, I’m making a cage. For us to live in.


CAELAN: What’s Valentine’s Day?

SARAH: It’s a day when we say how much we love each other.

CAELAN: And there’s candy! And cupcakes! And treats!


As Caelan climbs into the bathtub he complains about the water temperature, which is a regular thing with him…

CAELAN: It’s hot!!

SARAH: It’s not hot, it’s warm….[quietly to Bill] *luke* warm, even.

CAELAN: It’s not luke warm! Luke warm has sparkles.


Caelan leans over and whispers to Leah…

CAELAN: Come on Leah, we’re going to turn Mommy into a pancake!


This one is hard to explain, but imagine the SNL “Really??” bit and that’s how he said this…

I was sweeping crumbs from the kitchen table onto Leah’s placemat so that I could then carry it to the trash can…

CAELAN: Onto Leah’s placemat?…Really??


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