Caelan Conversations, Part 17

March 23, 2015


CAELAN: Be quiet, Mommy. I’m going to make us a pigeon.


Talking about what to have for dinner…

CAELAN: I want Chick Fil A.


CAELAN: Glory Days?


CAELAN: Lettuce?

SARAH: What?!


At the dentist, the receptionist notices Caelan’s blue and green gloves…

RECEPTIONIST: Those are Seahawks colors you know!

SARAH: Oh we’ll have to throw them away then! What’s your team, Caelan?

CAELAN: Peyton.


Caelan and Leah are fighting over two of Leah’s toys…

CAELAN: Leah can’t have both toys!

BILL: Yes she can, they’re hers.

CAELAN [sternly and loudly]: I’m going to keep an eye on you!!


CAELAN: Do you want to play chocolate potato?

SARAH: How do we play that?

CAELAN: We pass it till the music stops.

SARAH: Oh, HOT potato?



SARAH: Oh, we forgot your dinosaur paintings at school. We’ll have to get them tomorrow.

CAELAN: Oh man!…..Who’s the “man”?


CAELAN: Something smells.

SARAH: What does it smell like?

CAELAN: I don’t know. It smells like a smell.

SARAH: Okay then.

CAELAN: It smells like a leprechaun!


CAELAN: Mommy, guess who was at school today? It was Mickey Mouse and he was 40 and tall!


CAELAN: Mommy, you have to take the sneaky way to school.

SARAH: I don’t know the sneaky way. I’ll have to ask Daddy.

CAELAN: You go through the bushes, and then you’ll see school.

SARAH [continuing on the normal route]: Okay.

After a minute or two…

CAELAN: Mommy, you have to take the sneaky way.

SARAH: But I don’t know the sneaky way.

CAELAN: I told you, you go through the bushes and then you might see school.

SARAH: What bushes?

CAELAN [annoyed sigh]