Leah Lines, Part 3

October 6, 2015


SARAH: Leah, when are you going to go on the potty?

LEAH: On Monday.


Leah is sitting on the air conditioner vent…

LEAH: Ooooooooooh!! It’s cold on my butt!!


I notice that Leah’s diaper is full…

SARAH: Leah, do you need a new diaper?

LEAH [casually]: No. I fine.


CAELAN: Whoever says “butt cheek” first wins!

LEAH [practically before Caelan finishes his sentence]: Butt-cheek-I-win!!


Leah is talking about her ceiling fan…

LEAH: My fan in a time out.

SARAH: Your fan’s in a time out?

LEAH: Yes.


LEAH: Cause he eat me.

SARAH: Your fan is in a time out because it ate you??

LEAH: Yes.


Leah sees Mickey, Donald Duck, and Goofy on TV…

LEAH: Mickey, Donald, woof!


Leah gets Caelan a tissue which he refuses.

LEAH: You fine? [She squats down so she can look up his nose.] Okay.


LEAH: I put Mickey in timeout. In the oven.

SARAH: Oh no, what did he do?

LEAH: He hit Gaga (Caelan).