More Christmas Crafts

December 4, 2012

Seriously, more? I’ve now completed 3 in the past week and a half which is insane. Granted, none of them were super involved, but still.

The first one was my ribbon wreath which you can read about here.

For the next one, I saw a picture of my friend’s daughter playing with a felt Christmas tree. After asking my friend about it and taking a peek on Pinterest, I decided to go for it. The whole project cost me about $6 and took me less than an hour to complete. I cut triangles out of green felt and arranged them in a tree shape on my wall and attached them with painters tape (this is not the best method, so I may change that later on). Then I searched my kitchen for something to trace to make ornaments. I ended up with a star cookie cutter and a plastic jar of sprinkles. Many of the examples of felt trees that I saw had more elaborate ornaments – glitter, stripes, other embellishments. But I wanted to keep it simple. After all, as Bill pointed out, Caelan would just destroy it anyway.


And he does indeed enjoy ripping the ornaments off the tree and handing them to us with a super speedy “hepwitdat” (which means “help” or in this context “here, hold this” and he says it super fast for some reason). If we are not right there with him, he will collect all the ornaments and stuff them in the nearest shoe. True story.

He’s not much for putting the ornaments back on the tree. The felt ornaments do stick to the felt tree, but you have to gently place them on flatly, and well…Caelan’s more for crumpling them and then smashing them back against the tree. He can do it with a little guidance though.

For the next craft, I made stockings for our cats. May sound silly if you’re not a pet owner, but whatever. I just wanted them to be included. I found these stockings online at Party City and I thought they were cute and they were about the right size and definitely the right price.


Obviously, they say “My First Christmas” on them, so that wouldn’t work. So I used some left over felt from Caelan’s tree and covered the top part of the stocking. Then I glued letters on to spell out their names. Super easy. Now I guess Santa will have to get them something!


A Christmas Craft

November 26, 2012

I love Christmas – I really do. But I also think that Thanksgiving deserves to be celebrated and not forgotten (thankfulness and all that, plus, hello –  stuffing and green bean casserole!!). So we had a wonderful and gluttonous Thanksgiving day that we were fortunate enough to celebrate with both sides of our family.

And just like that, the Christmas season began the next day. I don’t do Black Friday (way too lazy for that – Cyber Monday is more my style), but we had a great long weekend. A really great long weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed spending a lazy couple of days at home with my family. I even managed to find time to complete a Christmas craft and put up the first Christmas decoration of the season!

I’ve always put a wreath on our front door for Christmas, but since our front door is dark green, the standard green wreath gets lost and you can barely see it. I thought a red/silver wreath would stand out better so I saw this tutorial and pinned it. I deviated from the instructions a little as follows:

  1. I used a flat wreath form instead of a rounded styrofoam one because I was worried about how much space I had between the door and the storm door, but mine turned out very flat and I could have gotten away with using a rounded form.
  2. I probably used about 20 yards of ribbon instead of the 40 yards the instructions said. Mine was a little sparse, but I had run out of ribbon so I filled in as best I could by raiding my ribbon stash at home.
  3. Instead of using straight pins, I stapled some of the larger loops together and hot glued everything to the wreath form. Hot glue is HOT, just fyi, but I did make it through this project without burning myself which is more than I can say for my last (still unfinished) project involving hot glue!
  4. I embellished the wreath (aka filled in some spots) with some glitter-covered styrofoam balls.

I’m pretty happy with the way it came out. It’s definitely much more visible. It looked kind of stupid next to the pumpkins we still had on the front step, but those will be gone today and once I put up the other outside decorations, it should fit right in 🙂