A (Satur) Day In My Life With A 10-Month-Old

April 16, 2012

Now that Caelan is getting older, I try to make an effort to take him out more to change things up and keep him from getting bored. But still, many weekend days are spent at home. For some reason the idea for a “day in the life” post struck me, so I wrote things down all day on Saturday to see what we were up to. I know, it’s unoriginal and I can’t say our day was very exciting. But it was a typical day for us. (Btw, when I think about what this day would have been like a year ago, before Caelan was born, it seems like we had gobs and gobs of free time and I can’t believe I ever complained about not having enough time for anything!)

I hear Caelan on the monitor so I drag my butt out of bed. This is a little early for him to be waking up. I wash a bottle (because I was too lazy to wash bottles last night), make up the bottle and let it warm in the sink while I feed the ravenous cats. I check Facebook on my phone and listen to the monitor to see if Caelan is really up for the day.

I go upstairs, get Caelan up and give him his bottle in his room. He throws up the entire thing seconds after finishing it (this happens sometimes when he has a cold). I strip him down and change his diaper and stick him back in his crib while I change my clothes. I come back in, clean the carpet and get a load of his laundry together. Then I get him dressed and suction his nose while he fights me. Finally we are ready to go downstairs. I drop him in the Pack N Play while I throw the laundry in the washer.

I’m on call for work today so we don’t have any plans to go anywhere. I make a cup of coffee and watch Caelan play in the living room. I get up every couple of minutes to stop him from eating the rubber corners on the coffee table.


Bill gets up and comes downstairs to hang out with us. He’s got his final exam for grad school due Sunday night so he is planning to work on that most of the weekend.

I change my laundry around and fold a clean load in the living room with some “help” from Caelan.

"Helping" with the laundry

It’s time for breakfast. Caelan and I both have Cheerios and he also gets some cereal/fruit puree and some peaches. Bill feeds the cats and I make up a grocery list while Caelan is finishing breakfast.


After breakfast, we all go back into the living room for more play time. At some point, I change a diaper while Caelan chews on the pack of wipes. Bill plays with Caelan while I put away some laundry and get another load started.

We finally get a video of Caelan walking!!

[I had planned to post the video here but it turns out I need a premium membership to embed videos. Boo. But it’s up on Shutterfly and Facebook so you probably already saw it anyway.]

Bill gets to work on his school work.

Caelan is getting fussy, so I take him up to his room and read a few books. He’s looking drowsy, so I take a big risk and leave him in the crib (awake) with the seahorse hoping he’ll fall asleep. This never works.

It doesn’t work. Caelan is crying so I go back in and rock him. He repeatedly throws the seahorse and his paci across the room.

Bill comes in and asks if I need a break. I say no but regret it almost immediately as I get punched in the neck for the millionth time.

Bill comes back and we switch (he’s normally much better at getting Caelan down for a nap than I am). I go down and wash some bottles and after a few minutes I decide to make one up for Caelan since we are having no luck getting him down for a nap.

Bill brings Caelan downstairs having come to the same conclusion about trying a bottle.

Bill goes back to his school work and I take Caelan back up to his room for his bottle. He sucks it down and is asleep less than a minute later (sigh). I take him into my room and watch some Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix while he naps.

Napping with Mommy

Caelan is awake after a 1 hour 20 minute nap, which is pretty good for him. I change his diaper and we head downstairs. Bill hangs out with him while I make lunch.

Caelan and I eat lunch while Bill goes back to school work. I load and start the dishwasher while Caelan finishes up eating.

Caelan and I go back to playing in the living room.

Open the door. Close the door. Rinse, repeat.

Bill takes another break from work and hangs with Caelan while I change and fold laundry.

I change my clothes, get socks and shoes on Caelan and we go for a walk to the playground in our neighborhood.

Swinging at the playground

We’re home from our walk and I make a bottle while Bill watches Caelan. After the bottle, I burp Caelan while he walks around the coffee table and he goes back to playing.

Bill changes a poopy diaper (woohoo, I missed this one!) and we go back to playing.

After I fish a piece of rubber out of Caelan’s mouth, Bill suggests putting lemon juice on the rubber corners to try to deter Caelan from eating them. It doesn’t work. Caelan is getting fussy so Bill reads him a book.

I throw a few things in the diaper bag and we go out to Chili’s for dinner. Caelan is great at the restaurant and eats a ton of chicken (which is weird because we can’t get him to eat chicken at home).

Eating dinner at Chili's

When we get home, Bill feeds the cats and we all play in the living room for awhile longer.

I take Caelan up to his room and he plays in his crib while I put some of his clean clothes away. I get him ready for bed and he’s a little cranky. We’re a few minutes early for bedtime, so Bill reads him a book in his room. I bring Caelan into our room for his bottle and then Bill puts him to bed.

Reading with Daddy

Caelan is asleep for the night. Bill and I are exhausted despite not having done anything particularly strenuous all day. Bill finishes up some school work and I unload the dishwasher and wash some more bottles.

I had intended to type up this post and upload/edit some pictures tonight, but I’m too tired. Bill finds a movie on Netflix and we watch it in our room.

We check on the baby, laugh at how he likes to sleep with his butt up in the air, then we go to sleep.

New Logo

April 2, 2012

The lovely and talented Melissa Y. was kind enough to whip up a logo for me for my cakes!! I’m excited about this because now I can put stickers with this logo on my cake boxes and maybe even have a business card to give out. Paper/office supplies like this make me happy – I know it’s strange.

Now the question remains…Why do I need a logo and business cards if I’m not really taking cake orders anymore? It’s a good question. A really good one. But I figure, it doesn’t hurt to have this stuff for the occasions where I do make cakes and cupcakes. And who knows, at some point I may be able to find the time to make a lot of cakes again.

Too bad we didn’t win that $640 million jackpot – that would have made me a 32-year-old retiree with PLENTY of time for cake baking!!